IPM filtration systems

IPM SRL, filtration systems.

We are a Company founded in 1987, which produces sterilizing and purifyng filters.
IPM SRL, deals in the industrial filtration market. Our filters are used for process fluids, DI water, ultrapure water WFI, LVP, SVP, sterile fluids, soft drinks, wine, beer and for cold sterilization by microfiltration. We deal with all the Countries in the World.
We produce a complete range of cartridges and sanitary filter housings and we are exclusive distributors for the Country of Italy for several leading Companies.

Our Applications

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- Pharmaceutical
- Medical
- Electronics
- Food
- Beverage
- Wine
- Chemicals
- Inks
- Water

LISSONE PLANT Cartridges department

CARATE PLANT Membrane department

  • Membranes production
    We produce our own hydrophylic and hydrofobic flat sheet membranes, by casting, starting from pure polimers and chemicals, as per our formulation. Membrane production is into a safe controlled area. Production made under ISO 9001-2015 certification.

CARATE PLANT Housings department

  • Sanitary filter housings manufacturing
    Filter housings completely made inside, with mechanical, welding, polishing and test departments.
    ISO 9001-2015 certified.


  • All IPM pharmaceutical-grade cartridges are tested with apyrogenic water and each cartridge contain a certificate of conformity and traceability code.
    Our sterilizing membrane cartridges have full validation available under customer request.

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Email: ipm@ipmfilters.com

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Fax: +39.039.2145245

Lissone plant: Via Madre Teresa 22 - 20851 - Lissone (MB) - Italy

Carate plant: Via Piemonte 24 - 20841 - Carate (MB) - Italy

P.iva - VAT: IT 00923400964

CF: 08739150152