Filtration systems for applications in the air sector.

  • FilterPEP

    Cartridge with multilayer pleated filter media polypropylene and polyethersulfone . | It has been developed for polishing and bioburden reduction of pharmaceutical, biological, chemical, solvents, wine, beer, beverage products .

  • FilterTEF

    Pleated membrane filter cartridge. PTFE hydrophobic membrane for gas and solvent sterilization. | For chemical-pharmaceutical, food or aqueous and / or alcoholic beverage applications.

  • FilterPOL

    Polypropylene prefilters for pharmaceutical liquids and gases .

  • FilterGLAS

    Pleated prefilters for pharmaceutical liquids in glass microfiber .

  • FilterPOS

    Depth pleated filter cartridge in multilayer polypropylene with decreasing porosity gradient. Made entirely of polypropylene .

  • FilterPOG

    Deep pleated filter cartridge in fiberglass and polypropylene . Multilayer with decreasing porosity gradient.

  • FilterPRO

    Depth cartridge filter in polypropylene with gradual density and absolute retention filter media.

  • FilterPON

    Polypropylene for pre-filtration and polishing.| For chemicals, food liquids, aqueous and/or alcoholic drinks.

  • FilterPEG

    Pre-filter cartridge with filter media that combines glass microfiber with a polyethersulfone membrane. | It has been developed for the clarification and bioburden reduction of pharmaceutical, biological, chemical, solvent, wine, beer and beverage products.