Pleated depth cartridge, constructed entirely of Nylon for aggressive chemical applications.

Product Family: FilterNOL
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Depth cartridge built entirely in Nylon . Great contaminant retention capacity. Compatible with organic solvents.

The FilterNOL cartridges are built with a NYLON filter septum and NYLON armor ; they have high mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance; the optimized pleating and the large filtering surface guarantee maximum autonomy and long service life.

NYLON , the only component of FilterNOL cartridges, allows them to be used in the filtration of solvents not compatible with polypropylene . It does not release particles, it is sterilizable and it is stable in filtration even when the differential pressures increase.

Our membrane filters are designed, developed and manufactured in accordance with an ISO® 9001 quality management system.
They are shipped with a Quality Certificate.
The materials comply with the relevant requirements of 21 CFR part 177-182 , EC1935 / 2004 , USP Plastics Class VI and current ISO 10993 equivalents.

For traceability and easy identification, each filter is marked with identifying characteristics.

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