Pleated membrane filter cartridge for final microbiological stabilization in polyethersulfone . | For water-based and / or alcoholic beverages .

Product Family: FilterVIN

Polyethersulfone membrane with polypropylene supports developed and optimized for the wine and beverage industry.

The FilterVIN microfiltration cartridge was developed and optimized for the wine and beverage industry to ensure product purity and biological stability.

FilterVIN is inherently hydrophilic and contains no added surfactants or wetting agents. Each cartridge is integrity tested during production.

The increased strength of FilterVIN comes from the use of a polyethersulfone membrane with a narrow pore size distribution. The cartridge allows high flow rates with low pressure drops, long service life and absolute removal of microorganisms and inorganic particles.

FilterVIN is biologically inert, with low protein affinity characteristics. FilterVIN selection is generally guided by the retention requirements for the process step under consideration, the productivity performance required by the manufacturing process, and the compatibility of the process fluid with the filter.

Typical bacterial retention for 0.2µm and 0.45µm membranes is 107 cfu per cm 2 membrane. Carried out for the 0.2µm with Brevundimonas diminuta and for 0.45µm with Serratia marcescens .

The materials meet the requirements of 21 CFR part 177-182 , EC1935 / 2004 , USP Plastics Class VI and current ISO 10993 equivalents.

Our membrane filters are designed, developed and manufactured in accordance with an ISO® 9001 quality management system.

They are shipped with a Quality Certificate.
Each unit is tested for integrity during production and is supported by a documentation package for compliance with regulatory requirements.

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