Pleated membrane filter cartridge of sterilizing grade in Nylon 66 with positive charge . | For pharmaceutical liquids.

Product Family: FilterNYP

Cartridge developed for sterile applications, for the removal of colloids and endotoxins.

The FilterNYP cartridge is an excellent choice for final filtration of liquid products in the pharmaceutical and biological industries, when a positively charged membrane is required for effective removal of pyrogens and fine colloids.

Non-releasing fibers, with broad chemical compatibility and extractable bass.

The 0.2µm sterilizing grade filter is validated for Brevundimonas diminuta ( ATCC 19146 ) retention at a challenge level of 107 cfu per cm 2 of membrane.

Our membrane filters are designed, developed and manufactured in accordance with an ISO® 9001 quality management system.

They are shipped with a quality certificate.
Each unit is tested for integrity during production and is supported by a documentation package for compliance with regulatory requirements. The materials comply with the relevant requirements of 21 CFR part 177-182 , EC1935 / 2004 , USP Plastics Class VI , EEC and current ISO 10993 equivalents.

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