Pleated filter media in sintered metal fiber in AISI 316L . Designed for pre-filtration and liquid polishing. It can also be used for the filtration of compressed gases and steam. | Suitable for use in extreme situations of viscosity and temperature in the industrial chemical, pharmaceutical and food sectors.

Product Family: FilterONE
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Designed to meet filtration needs at high temperatures, high pressures or corrosive operational applications.

The FilterONE cartridges are built with a 316L stainless steel sintered microfiber filter septum with 2 internal support layers, 1 external protection layer and welded bottoms.

The special construction technology gives the FIilterONE high mechanical resistance even at high temperatures, high chemical compatibility and total absence of transfer of particles and extractables.

The FilterONE cartridge can be regenerated with solvents and ultrasounds.

For traceability and easy identification, each filter is marked with identifying characteristics.

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