Deep pleated filter cartridge in fiberglass and polypropylene . Multilayer with decreasing porosity gradient.


This prefilter combines borosilicate glass fiber and polypropylene in one
Gradient filter media with pores ranging from coarse upstream to fine downstream.
Removes particles and colloids protecting the downstream membrane filters.

FilterPOG guarantees constant removal of contaminants with a high capacity to retain dirt even at high flow rates. Guarantees excellent filtration economy.

Withstands repeated CIP and hot water wash cycles and demanding process conditions.

Our membrane filters are designed, developed and manufactured in accordance with an ISO® 9001 quality management system.
The materials comply with the relevant requirements of 21 CFR part 177-182 , EC1935 / 2004 , USP Plastics Class VI and current ISO 10993 equivalents.
They are shipped with a Quality Certificate.
For traceability and easy identification, each filter is marked with identifying characteristics.

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