Filtration systems for applications in the wine and beer sector.

  • FilterPEP

    Cartridge with multilayer pleated filter media polypropylene and polyethersulfone . | It has been developed for polishing and bioburden reduction of pharmaceutical, biological, chemical, solvents, wine, beer, beverage products .

  • FilterVIN

    Pleated membrane filter cartridge for final microbiological stabilization in polyethersulfone . | For water-based and / or alcoholic beverages .

  • FilterPOL

    Polypropylene prefilters for pharmaceutical liquids and gases .

  • FilterGLAS

    Pleated prefilters for pharmaceutical liquids in glass microfiber .

  • FilterPOS

    Depth pleated filter cartridge in multilayer polypropylene with decreasing porosity gradient. Made entirely of polypropylene .

  • FilterPOG

    Deep pleated filter cartridge in fiberglass and polypropylene . Multilayer with decreasing porosity gradient.

  • FilterPRO

    Depth cartridge filter in polypropylene with gradual density and absolute retention filter media.

  • FilterPON

    Polypropylene for pre-filtration and polishing.| For chemicals, food liquids, aqueous and/or alcoholic drinks.

  • FilterPEG

    Pre-filter cartridge with filter media that combines glass microfiber with a polyethersulfone membrane. | It has been developed for the clarification and bioburden reduction of pharmaceutical, biological, chemical, solvent, wine, beer and beverage products.



    Cylindrical filter cartridge made of 100% AISI 316L stainless steel , regenerable sintered filter media. | It can be used for the filtration of liquids, steam and compressed gases in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries.


    Cylindrical mesh filters for particle filtration of liquids. Made of 316L stainless steel . | Suitable for use in extreme viscosity and temperature situations in industrial chemicals.

  • FilterONE

    Pleated filter media in sintered metal fiber in AISI 316L . Designed for pre-filtration and liquid polishing. It can also be used for the filtration of compressed gases and steam. | Suitable for use in extreme situations of viscosity and temperature in the industrial chemical, pharmaceutical and food sectors.