Pleated membrane filter cartridge of sterilizing grade in polyethersulfone . | For pharmaceutical liquids.

Product Family: FilterPES
Applications: , , ,

Polyethersulfone (PES) membrane filters are optimized for sterile filtration, prefiltration and microbiological load reduction applications where exceptional storage capacities, low protein affinity and absolute bacterial retention are required.

The choice of FilterPES is generally guided by the retention requirements required in the production process, by the autonomy required of the filter by the production process and by the compatibility of the process fluid with the filter.

The FilterPES are available with different degrees of microbial retention determined by the pore size of the membrane.

The low protein affinity of the polyethersulfone membranes guarantees maximum transmission of the active ingredients present in the filtered fluids.

Materials comply with relevant requirements 21 CFR part 177-182 , EC1935 / 2004 , USP Plastics Class VI and current equivalents ISO 10993 .

Our membrane filters are designed, developed and manufactured in accordance with a ISO® 9001 quality management system.

They are shipped with a Quality Certificate. Each unit undergoes integrity testing during production and is supported by a package of documentation for compliance with regulatory requirements.

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