SF Series

SF Series


AISI 316 containers for cartridges used to filter sterile liquids and gases.

Product Family: SF

Housing for single and multiple cartridges. Housings in both the T line and In line versions.

The SF housing series is recommended for filtering sterile liquids and gases in the pharmaceutical, electronic, food and beverage industries.

They are supplied with T type tri-clamp connections, but if required the INPUT / OUTPUT connections can be in accordance with DIN 11851 .

Depending on the applications, they are supplied with sanitary drains, vent valves with PTFE seal, ¼ “GAS connections and rubber hose connection: The enclosures are made entirely of AISI 316L stainless steel with a mirror finish.

Standard gaskets are made of silicone. On request it is possible to supply gaskets in other materials.

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SF01, SF012, SF019, SF024, SF03, SF030, SF05, SF07